March 8, 2018

All About Insomnia!!!

Don’t you feel sleep is something we all take for granted? Whether you are a sound sleeper or a notoriously light sleeper, we have all had sleepless nights sometime in our lives. Maybe we had to pull an all-nighter to complete an assignment (or watch...Read more
March 7, 2018

Netflix and Health!!!

“Netflix and chill” is perhaps the most commonly used sentence worldwide nowadays. People look forward to the weekends where they can put everything aside and just jump into the uninterrupted viewing of their favourite tv shows. Binge watching is the new trend that is quickly...Read more
March 6, 2018

Focus on it!!!

Distractions are annoying, aren’t they? You’ll be at work, trying to finish an important task, and your friend sends you a video that you just HAVE to watch right then. Or maybe you have so many tasks lined up that you are trying to do...Read more
February 19, 2018

Workout, don’t burnout!!!

Get fit and start going to the gym—one of the most popular new year resolutions! We’re in the second month of the year, so I want you to be honest with me—have you been able to keep up your “getting healthy” resolution? Chances are, most...Read more
February 15, 2018

The food we love!!!

We Indians love our food, don’t we? From butter chicken to kachoris to halwas to rasgullas, our food is as diverse it gets. Rajma-chawal brings back memories of childhood and having chit-chat over a plate of pakoras is a must! However, some of our favourite...Read more
February 12, 2018

Of Vapes and Smokes!!!

Smoking is bad for you. It’s a statement known and accepted everyone—smokers and non-smokers alike. Besides causing cancer, it also decreases lung capacity, causes teeth, gum problems, and an entire plethora of harmful effects I cannot even begin to list! Quitting smoking is one of...Read more
February 8, 2018

All About Bariatric Surgery

It’s 2018 and the need to be fit and healthy is surely catching on. Everywhere you look, a new diet or exercise regimen is being promoted as the “holy grail” of a healthy life. No one can deny the massive change that has occurred in...Read more
January 29, 2018

Beating Cancer One at a time!!!

Cancer is perhaps the most deadly and most terrible of all diseases. Not only is does it drain the victim and their family emotionally and physically, but also puts a heavy strain on their purse. Sadly, this disease has become so widespread; it is not...Read more