October 22, 2016
breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

The Big C is spreading its tentacles far and wide, and it is no longer a hush hush affair. On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness months, which is October, doctors in the city are going all out to reiterate on the need for early...
October 14, 2016

Do’s And Don’ts In Pregnancy

Double lines or the formation of the positive sign on the pregnancy test stick, indicates your life is about to change for good. From the time you see that you want to ensure the best for the baby, whom you will see, hold and cuddle...
October 9, 2016

Don’t let Depression, Stress ruin your Life

That sleeplessness, nausea, feeling of void all around might actually be the playing of your brain that is overworked, over-stressed and frustrated. It is being deprived of the cushioning effect it needs in form of relaxation. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull...
September 8, 2016

Young At Heart, Not Spared Here!

When numbers speak, it is loud and clear. As many as 70 out of every 100 urban Indians are at risk of heart diseases, claims recent studies. Doctors corroborate these numbers as they reiterate that sedentary lifestyle, long and stressful work hours, and erratic and...
August 30, 2016

Medical Tourism- All Roads Lead To India!

Who doesn’t want the best of expertise at affordable rates? Everyone! And when it comes to healthcare, there is no compromise. This explains the reason behind the boom in medical tourism in India, making the country a preferred destination for international patients. Medical tourism is...
August 23, 2016
Olympic-logo FINAL

Olympics Or No- Busting The Fitness Myths

The medals, they count! But those Olympics medals land in the hands of only a handful, the ones who follow their fitness regimen with perseverance. While not everyone is a sportsman, but getting into the fitness sport is not a fad, it’s here to stay...
August 3, 2016

Whether It Is A Common Cold Or An Allergy?

Cold is being caused by contagious viruses picked up from someone’s infected sneezes, coughs, sneezes and shake hands with you. Whereas, allergies are being caused by overactive immune system affected by harmless things such as dust or pollen and germs that attacks them. Cold lasts...