October 17, 2017
Breakfast 4

Breakfast and Weight loss

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Ever since we were little kids, the importance of breakfast has been ingrained into us. For most of us Indians, the very word brings back memories of our mothers staring at...
October 16, 2017
air pollution 4

Why you might not be as hygienic as you think!!!

Are you hygienic? I’m pretty sure more than 95% of you said “Yes” and to be honest most of us truly believe we are. You carry a hand sanitizer in your bag at all times, wash your hands before you eat, wear a mask in...
October 11, 2017
Vitamin D 1

Vitamin D: A boon for Asthama Patients

Vitamin D and Asthma link Asthma is a condition where the basic need of living, i.e. breathing is affected. The airways gets filled with mucus and it becomes difficult to breathe. The main cause for an asthma attack is the swelling of the airways or...
October 10, 2017
benefits of black tea 1

Benefits of Black Tea

If there is one thing we Indians can’t resist, it’s a perfectly made cup of chai. In fact, for us, tea is more of a necessity than a recreational beverage.  Even I, an ardent coffee lover, can’t resist a cup to beat away those Monday...
October 4, 2017
Manganese 6

Manganese: How much is too much?

Excess of Manganese (Mn) is Toxic Manganese is one of the necessary nutrients that should be present in our diet in small amounts on daily basis. There are many benefits for manganese such as bone production, skin integrity, blood sugar control, carbohydrates, cholesterol control or...
October 3, 2017
air pollution 3

Air Pollution and Kidney Damage

  Air Pollution linked with Kidney problems Air Pollution is not good for health, everybody is well known with this fact. Inhaling polluted air can cause many diseases, which can cause serious long-term health effects. It is not an option to inhale the air or...
September 27, 2017
rock salt 1

Rock Salt: Not just a salt!!

Rock Salt or Halite is commonly used in the kitchens. Other names are Table Salt, Sendha Namak or Kala Namak. The chemical formula is NaCl. It contains few impurities because of which its colour may vary. It can be colourless, white, light blue, dark blue,...