Konsult assists foreign patients in India from all over the world.

Konsult is an ISO certified medical assistant company for patients travelling to India. We at Konsult research and connect International patients with doctors and hospitals in India for quality treatment at affordable prices. Based on your symptoms and reports, our experts will suggest the best doctors depending upon the severity of your condition. Our highly qualified and well-trained professionals will suggest you the best treatment plans that are customised depending on your requirements and condition after discussing it with leading doctors in India. We also provide the cost of various surgeries practiced across top hospitals in India, which is complimentary. All conversations are secure and kept confidential within our secure information system. We handle patients with sensitivity and respect as we are focused on providing quality treatment by assisting you in the path to recovery.

Pre Visit Planning Stage –customised health solutions for traveling to India

Our involvement starts much earlier than the patient’s visit for treatment to India. Whenever, a patient reaches out to us or shows an interest in a availing a medical procedure in India – our first support team contacts the patient and / or the attendants to understand the medical history, diagnosis, current treatment, previously undergone medical procedures etc. Thereafter, the patient is requested to provide the necessary copies of medical documentation, which are treated as confidential and kept safe. In consultation with the Konsult’s team of expert doctors, we prepare the treatment plan and also the estimated cost of treatment. This information is communicated to the patient so that he can make up his mind. Once the line of treatment is accepted, we also try to arrange a pre-travel video consultation with the specialist doctor who will be treating the patient in India. We then arrange for the letter of invitation from the concerned hospital and assist the patient in obtaining a medical visa for the trip to India. Prior to the patient’s travel, our support and travel team arranges for suitable accommodation in the vicinity of the treatment center and helps with flight tickets and other logistics. The patient is now all set to travel to India.

Treatment and Logistics – Team available for patient during the treatment phase

Upon the patient’s arrival in India – we arrange for airport pick up to take the patient and his attendants to the chosen accommodation. We try to make the patient as comfortable as possible and the patients are always requested to inform us in advance if they have any special requirements. The patient and their attendants are given an orientation regarding the travel routes, places to eat, shop etc. Prior to the patient’s visit to the hospital, our team books the necessary appointment and arranges for local transport. Our in-house doctors and their team regularly interact with hospital management on behalf of the patient and are always available in case of any need during and after the treatment.

Continued Services after patient returns home – Stay connected 24×7 with your doctor event after the treatment using the Konsult mobile app

After the treatment is over and the patient is desirous of returning home, we configure the patient’s smartphone with our proprietary mobile application which can be used by the patient and / or his attendant to stay connected to the doctor who was in-charge the treatment in India. Our team sees the patient off at the airport. We continue to be in-touch with the patient after arrival in their home countries in case any co-ordination is required.

At this stage the patients can use the Konsult mobile app to connect to their doctors directly without any intervention and can discuss the progress or any follow up queries. They can also share their test reports with the doctor directly from the mobile app and receive their advice. We understand that treatment is not a one step process, rather it is an ongoing process and the patient needs to stay connected with his treating physician. With this aim in mind and to solve this problem, we designed our mobile app which does exactly this.

If the patient is planning a follow up visit they can simply contact our team and we take care of the rest.